There is an indescribable beauty that exists in conflict. The conflict of duality: two opposing ideas which coexist, thereby defining each other. The conflict that lies in breaking boundaries, going far beyond the confines of labels and definitions. The Bernard James collection is heavily inspired by just that: the collision of contrasting ideas and concepts. He uses these ideas to create strong statement pieces that are meant to complement the wearer, not overpower.

Bernard James has always been attracted to the intimacy of jewelry and the sensuality that it evokes. Every ounce of meaningful detail distinguishes the wearer from the norm, creating a unique and highly personal experience. Bernard is captivated by the ability to translate abstract concepts and emotion into elegant and enduring accessories.

The collection is created with a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship. The accessories are comprised of fine metals, including solid sterling silver, 14- and 18- karat gold, as well as smooth genuine leather. Every component, from the clasps to the links, is carved, cast, and finished traditionally by hand in the heart of New York City. The marriage of traditional technique and modern concepts makes each item not only an adornment, but a work of art. Bernard aims is to invent the new standard of luxury – to create a collection of timeless accents, because “classic” never dies.